AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

Sealed, Valve Regulated

What is A.G.M.? At Discount Battery, our specialists can educate you on all types of batteries. Originally developed in the early 1980s, AGM batteries became the standard for military aircraft because power, weight, safety and dependability were concerns. This technology delivers improved performance, reliability and safety over all existing sealed batteries including the Gel. AGMs provide very low internal electrical resistance and combined with faster acid migration, allow them to deliver and accept higher amperage rates during discharging and charging cycles.

How AGM Batteries Work

Sealed, Valve-Regulated (SVR) Absorbed Glass Mat batteries (AGM) use special absorbed electrolyte technology that is superior to flooded lead-acid batteries.

Fine, highly porous microfiber glass separators absorb the electrolyte*, increasing efficiency by lowering internal resistance and boosting capacity.

Lower internal resistance also means that the batteries can be recharged faster than conventional batteries,** allowing the user to put them back into operation sooner.

The completely sealed, valve-regulated AGM battery eliminates gas emissions and acid leakage for longer and safer battery operation. AGM batteries are also completely maintenance-free.

*Good to Know – Can I travel on an airplane with these batteries? Yes. Rated non-spillable by International Commercial Airline Association (ICAO), International Airline Transport Association (IATA) and DOT definitions. Power wheelchairs use these types of batteries.

** Charging: use a good, constant potential, voltage-regulated charger. For 12-volt AGM batteries, charge to at least 14.4 volts, but no more than 14.6 volts at 68͒° F (20° C). Do not charge in a sealed container.

Absorbed Glass Mat Dual Purpose Batteries

– Maintenance-free construction – Eliminates the need to add water
– Spill Proof, valve-regulated design – Eliminates acid leaks and terminal corrosion
– Lower electrical resistance – Provides higher discharge rates, quick starts
– Resists vibration damage – Provides longer operation over time
– Faster charging rates – Faster turnaround times
– Glass mat separators – Spillproof and leakproof properties
– Safety relief valve system – Safer operation and safer charging
– Combination terminals – For easy hook-up
– Handles – For easy installation

All batteries are made in the USA, your assurance of quality.

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