Automotive Batteries

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Discount Battery’s new name brand batteries start off with:


deka gold automotive batteryA well built American-made battery. Discount Battery carries a full selection of Deka/East Penn batteries. Over 60 car, truck and SUV sizes. Not many companies can say that! We have the right battery for you.


interstate automotive batteryAnother great name in the battery business. Discount Battery stocks more of their batteries than any other retailer in Michigan. That says it all!

AGM, Intimidator Series by Deka, and Optima Batteries

These batteries are the best you can buy. All are AGM Design (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries with high power, high output, totally sealed, good looking batteries. They may be a bit more expensive, but they have more than enough power and a better warranty to start.

All of the batteries above are brand new. At Discount Battery, we find a way to help keep costs down by offering lower priced alternatives.


Or Blems as we at Discount Battery call them. These batteries have a small flaw on the case like a scratch, dent or ding. However, nothing is wrong with the internal parts. They are about one year old by the time we can sell them. We offer a one year free replacement warranty. The average Lifespan is about three years, which is good for average use. This battery is for you if you are looking to save about half the cost of a buying a new battery.

Reconditioned (or Recons)

These are Discount Battery’s lowest cost options. We take partially used batteries and put them through a rigorous series of charging and testing to assure you get a battery that can last. These batteries have an average life span of one to one and a half years. This is good if you are selling or trading in your vehicle. We offer a 90 day free replacement. The reconditioned option saves you roughly 60% to 70% off a new battery.

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