Gel Cell Batteries

Sealed, Valve Regulated

What is a Gel Cell Battery? At Discount Battery our specialists can educate you on how and why you need this type of battery. These batteries have the ability to handle very cold temperatures without freezing. Good for outdoor applications, solar and wind storage systems.

How Gel Cell Batteries Work

Sealed, Valve-Regulated (SVR) Gelled-electrolyte batteries offer many significant advantages over conventional “flooded” batteries. Gel batteries are spill proof* and leakproof, and resist over-discharges that can shorten the life of the battery.**

Gel batteries have a self-discharge rate of less than 1% per month (at 68° F). They provide ample cranking amperage for quick, sure starts and deliver longer trolling time than comparable flooded models. Their SVR design minimizes gassing, making them safe to install around people and sensitive electronic equipment. Gel batteries offer a viable alternative when you can only choose one battery. Gel batteries are maintenance-free.

*Good to Know – Can I travel on an airplane with these batteries? Yes. Rated non-spillable by International Commercial Airline Association (ICAO), International Airline Transport Association (IATA) and DOT definitions. Power wheelchairs use these types of batteries.

**Charging: for longest life, always use a good, constant potential, voltage-regulated charger. For 12-volt Gel batteries, charge to at least 13.8 volts, but no more than 14.1 volts at 68 F (20° C). Do not charge in a sealed container.

Gel Starting/Deep Cycle Batteries

– 100% maintenance-free – No need to check fluid levels
– Ideal for both starting and trolling – Great multipurpose battery
– Faster recharge than flooded designs – For quicker turn-around time
– Heavy-duty grids and high density oxide – Provide maximum durability, power and life
– Spill Proof construction – Eliminates dangerous gassing** and leaks
– Self-discharge rate less than 1% per month (@ 68° F) – Recharges to full power, even if left discharged for weeks
– Broad line of sizes – For all marine power needs

All batteries are made in the USA, your assurance of quality.