Warranty Without Receipt

Discount Battery has the best warranty policy in the business – others can’t match it and won’t! We start by guaranteeing your purchase without a receipt by simply stamping or marking the battery itself with our name, purchase date and its warranty. No one else does this. We appreciate that you bought your battery from us and we want to keep you safe and starting, so we will test your battery for any problems. The chances of a customer getting a defective battery is rare, we buy our batteries from the best companies with the lowest return rates.

If the battery is undamaged and takes a good charge and performs well on a load test, something else is wrong. If it fails, the battery itself is the receipt and we will be happy to replace it to help keep you safe and starting for a long time. We will diagnose your cars charging system for free, often within 10 minutes. We will determine what’s wrong.

Standard Warranty / Life Expectancy

BEST 24 mos. 72 mos. 6 yr 75 k
AVG. 18 mos. 60 mos. 5 yr 70 k
LOW$ 12 mos. 36 mos. 4 yr 50 k
BLEM 12 mos. NA 3 yr 36 k
RECON 90 days NA 1 yr 12 k
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