Golf Cart Batteries

These heavy duty deep cycle batteries hold power longer allowing your golf cart to run longer than with any other type of battery!

  • Big Cells
  • Big Plates / Lots of Lead
  • Lots of Fluid
  • Heavy, 60-70 pounds each
Comes in three voltages
  • 6V Electric
  • 8V Deep Cycle
  • 12V Style
Gas, starting – 12 Volt
  • #70 Side Post
  • #26 Top Post
  • #26/26R

We have batteries from Deka, Interstate, Trojan Batteries and U.S. Batteries .

U.S. Battery

Club Car DS – 36 Volt / 6 Volt Batteries [ Full Spec Sheet ]
Club Car DS – 48 Volt / 8 Volt Batteries [ Full Spec Sheet ]

Warning: *U.S. Battery did not design these diagrams to be used as guidelines for battery installation. We are NOT responsible for any damage caused by improper battery connections. These renderings were created as a reference regarding typical connections in regards to specific golf car configurations. PLEASE REFER TO THE OWNERS MANUAL OR PLEASE CONTACT THE MANUFACTURE OF YOUR GOLF CART FOR SPECIFICATIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS ON PROPER BATTERY INSTALLATION AND WIRING PROCEDURES.

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