Reconditioned Batteries

First and fore most reconditioned batteries are no longer rebuilt older batteries; they are batteries that still have some life in them. We seek out batteries from other dealers that have an abundance of good batteries that they either don’t know are good or just want to turn them in as junk for money. We start out with batteries that are no more than three years old, charge them up and put them through an extensive testing process. Most batteries will last for five years or 70,000 miles. This means you should have no problem getting one year out of a reconditioned battery even though they are only guaranteed for 90 days.
Reconditioned batteries are great for vehicles that are being sold or traded in the very near future. They are not intended for a vehicle that you plan on keeping. Reconditioned batteries are sold with a 90 day free replacement guarantee and the price does include the core. We do not require a receipt because all of these batteries are stamped with a date of purchase into the top of a battery. (Picture at the bottom, two stamps on the top implies 90 day warranty)

stamped reconditioned battery

If you are planning on keeping your vehicle and money is tight we suggest our blemished batteries. Blemished batteries are on an average $10 more than reconditioned batteries and guaranteed for one year and usually last for three years.