SLA – Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

All Discount Battery stores, Waterford, Commerce Twp., and Highland Twp., carry a full line of these types of batteries. All are A.G.M. Design, sealed rechargeable, valve regulated and safe to charge indoors. Most people have at least one or two of the S.L.A. batteries in their house.

Most usages are:

– Telecommunications
– Alarm System Back Up
– Backup Emergency Lighting
– U.P.S. – Uninterrupted Power System
– Power Wheel Car and Truck
– Perrico Toy Cars
– Flashlights
– Battery Jump Packs – to jump start auto/car, truck or boat
– Power/Electric Wheelchair, Scooters and Rascals

sla battery manufacturers
Batteries are the best performing sealed lead acid batteries on the market. They’re long lasting and power packed.
These batteries are rated by Amp-Hour. Amp-Hour rating tells you how much amperage is available when discharged evenly over a 20 hour period.

Tips – Maintaining & Charging Procedures:

Charging – Charge the battery after every use. Running this type of battery down completely rapidly decreases the battery life. Use the charger specifically designed for your type of battery. Do not use an automotive or wet-type charger on sealed gel batteries.

Maintaining – Always store your battery fully charged. A topping charge should be applied every six months to help keep the voltage from dropping. It is best to store the battery in a cool, dry place and disconnect when not in use. Avoid extreme hot or cold temperatures when storing.

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