Flooded Lead Acid / Open Cell Batteries

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Flooded Batteries or Open Cell

Flooded lead-acid batteries are the most widely used batteries both in automotive and marine applications. Lead-acid batteries are usually less expensive than either the Gel or AGM batteries, but do not provide the same cycle life and convenience. Most flooded batteries require maintenance. Electrolyte levels must be maintained above the cell’s plates. Most automotive applications/O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturers) still use this type of battery as do most older vehicles.


– Lower cost
– Most charging systems in your vehicles have no problem charging these types of batteries
– Most batteries are now made with maintenance free designs
– Hundreds of different sizes


– Some have to be maintained / filled
– Can leak or spill
– All flooded batteries will gas out when charging (Gassing is hydrogen and is explosive)
– More likely to corrode terminals and surrounding areas

Charging and Maintenance

Some of these batteries have removable vent caps. Check the electrolyte level regularly and if low, add water until it is just over the plates (no higher or fluid will seep out).

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